Family vs Money

My office-mate who’s Filipino is leaving after 2 and half years in the company. We have been working together for nearly 2 years in the variety of projects especially regression projects. He is my lead, my mentor and he is also my closest Filipino friend. He has 8 years experience in the software development industry and of course i learnt a lot from him. To be honest it was hard for me for the 1st time working with him because he is very particular and too detail in doing something. But finally, I realize that ‘annoying’ behaviours have helped me a lot in software testing.

Last week, he asked me whether I am okay if he is leaving in April. I know, in his head and heart always thinking his daughter and wife. I could not answer. I just kept ‘focus’ on my work. it’s not easy at this time to work without him. But I just told him that I don’t want to talk about that.. just teach us (me, thea and anj) anything you think it’s needed and important. because at last we know that only 3 of us will run all RE(reward engine) projects. sob sob..

I always try to be not panic. (I looked panic all the time right now.. haha) Yes, at this crucial time, it’s important to keep calm and learn as much as I can from him. he is so kind because he is leaving the company not because of money. Yes, to have a big salary is hardly important but family is everything. he wanted to work nearer to his family. Same goes to me. Same goes to everybody I believe. So, instead of hating this situation I am actually just fine and feel very happy to see myself this great example of husband who put aside all the individual matters to go back to his country. I can say that, most of husbands and fathers do care about having more money. but only some of them thinking about their family, their sons and daughters, teaching them AlQuran by themselves, educating them with a good behaviors, bringing them to surau or masjid, listening kuliah together, reading ‘sirah nabawiyah’ for them so on and so forth. Do we think with having a big money will give us happiness? “Finding more money shows you care your family too”, my friend told me long time ago. Well, it depends. ‘tepuk dada tanya iman’.

I am not going to blame my friends and colleagues. Choosing that scary way it’s like a gamble. Yes, it’s scary because you sacrifice your family and yourself. Even though it’s a big responsibility for husbands (in Islam, giving nafkah to family is a MUST), it does not mean you need to stay back at the office until 12am midnight for example. That is what I am going through right now. It hurts me (but I am still okay hehe) But like it or not, earning more money or working hard in order to earn big salary – is damn important to be honest for survival nowadays. I cannot not agree more. Everybody wants to become rich and succeed. Well. I am not rich, though everybody thinks I am. hehe. That’s fine. Islam is encouraged us to be rich so we can give zakah and sedekah to poor people. we can help our parent and neighbors.

But as a muslim, we have to believe that the true success and happiness is only can be achieved when Allah ‘redho’ to us. Meaning that, you are busy earning more money but you are always remembering Allah. You are busy working for your survival-to increase your quality of life but at the same you performing solat on time. If you can do that, then you can be a better muslim, better worker, better father and husband. It’s never too late to be what you might have been!

P/S:My boss always says, “Deliver your work on time, on budget with quality. But family first!”.

“Love Allah and Rasul”


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